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Parameter Extraction

The model parameter extraction is a procedure for achieving a satisfactory model.

All model parameter are extracted in a step-by-step procedure. These strategies for extraction can be found in MEXTRAM documentation page.

The MEXTRAM Group has a state of the art laboratory with cutting edge equipment for reliable model evaluation.


The parameter extraction procedure that can be found in previously stated document in short notes is given in following.

Document abstract

Parameter extraction is an important part in the whole process of using a compact model. A general way of extracting parameters for MEXTRAM is described. This includes a description of the measurements that have to be taken.

In general it is difficult to achieve a good set of high-current parameters for bipolar transistors. Therefore not only a parameter extraction method for this parameters is given, but also their influence on characteristics is shown. In this way the user has some information that can help in case the parameter extraction gives problems.

A separate chapter is devoted to the extraction of the parameters that belong to temperature scaling.

Although geometric scaling is not a part of MEXTRAM we also present the basics for geometric scaling together with a way to extract the corresponding parameters. Statistical modelling is briefly discussed.

Finally the way how this parameter extraction strategy is implemented in the program IC-CAP of Agilent is discussed.