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Release Information

Open Source MEXTRAM model is released in Verilog-A.

The MEXTRAM Group publishes official releases and updates, as well as maintains and supports MEXTRAM version 504.6.1 of the model.

New implementation features (since 504.6.0):

  1. Added operation point (output) variables 
  2. Improved implementation of the excess noise due to the avalanche multiplication 
  3. Removing the Initial_step block from the code. 
  4. Improved implementation of the `expLin "function" 

Future Releases

MEXTRAM version 504.7 is in process of testing and verification.

The major new feature is incorporation of Base-Emitter Tunneling current into already existing set of equations, as well as its practical Verilog-A implementation.

Older Releases

MEXTRAM Group does not support any previous release.